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November 2014
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id Date Time Location Conference Home Away Score Box
2339Sat, 11/01/20145:20 PMChiller SpringfieldVarsityDayton StealthWesterville Warcats  
2145Sat, 11/01/20146:00 PMChiller DublinJunior VarsityNortheast Storm JVHilliard Wildcats JV  
2340Sat, 11/01/20147:30 PMChiller DublinVarsityNortheast StormHilliard Wildcats  
2146Sun, 11/02/20141:40 PMOhio Health Ice HausJunior VarsityPHA Prowlers JVWesterville Warcats JV  
2341Sun, 11/02/20143:10 PMOhio Health Ice HausVarsityPHA ProwlersAthens Bobcats  
2147Sun, 11/02/20143:40 PMChiller SpringfieldJunior VarsityDayton Stealth JVHilliard Wildcats JV  
2342Sun, 11/02/20144:00 PMChiller EastonVarsityNortheast StormNewark Generals  
2343Sun, 11/02/20145:10 PMChiller SpringfieldVarsityDayton StealthHilliard Wildcats  
2148Thu, 11/06/20146:30 PMLou & Gib Ice ArenaJunior VarsityNewark Generals JVWesterville Warcats JV  
2344Thu, 11/06/20148:00 PMLou & Gib Ice ArenaVarsityNewark GeneralsWesterville Warcats  
2149Fri, 11/07/20147:10 PMOhio Health Ice HausJunior VarsityHilliard Wildcats JVPHA Prowlers JV  
2345Fri, 11/07/20148:00 PMChiller EastonVarsityNortheast StormAthens Bobcats  
2346Fri, 11/07/20148:40 PMOhio Health Ice HausVarsityHilliard WildcatsPHA Prowlers  
2150Sat, 11/08/20143:40 PMChiller SpringfieldJunior VarsityDayton Stealth JVNortheast Storm JV  
2347Sat, 11/08/20148:40 PMChiller EastonVarsityWesterville WarcatsHilliard Wildcats  
2348Sun, 11/09/20141:10 PMChiller Ice WorksVarsityNortheast StormNewark Generals  
2151Sun, 11/09/20143:10 PMOhio Health Ice HausJunior VarsityWesterville Warcats JVHilliard Wildcats JV  
2152Sun, 11/09/20143:40 PMChiller SpringfieldJunior VarsityDayton Stealth JVPHA Prowlers JV  
2349Sun, 11/09/20144:40 PMOhio Health Ice HausVarsityHilliard WildcatsAthens Bobcats  
2350Sun, 11/09/20145:10 PMChiller SpringfieldVarsityDayton StealthPHA Prowlers  
2351Thu, 11/13/20148:00 PMLou & Gib Ice ArenaVarsityNewark GeneralsHilliard Wildcats  
2153Fri, 11/14/20145:30 PMChiller EastonJunior VarsityNortheast Storm JVWesterville Warcats JV  
2154Fri, 11/14/20146:20 PMOhio Health Ice HausJunior VarsityPHA Prowlers JVNewark Generals JV  
2352Fri, 11/14/20147:00 PMChiller EastonVarsityNortheast StormWesterville Warcats  
2353Fri, 11/14/20147:50 PMOhio Health Ice HausVarsityPHA ProwlersNewark Generals  
2354Sat, 11/15/20145:30 PMHara ArenaVarsityDayton StealthAthens Bobcats  
2155Sat, 11/15/20146:00 PMChiller NorthJunior VarsityWesterville Warcats JVPHA Prowlers JV  
2355Sat, 11/15/20147:30 PMChiller NorthVarsityWesterville WarcatsPHA Prowlers  
2356Sun, 11/16/201412:00 AMKettering Ice ArenaVarsityDayton StealthAthens Bobcats  
2157Sun, 11/16/201412:30 PMOhio Health Ice HausJunior VarsityPHA Prowlers JVHilliard Wildcats JV  
2156Sun, 11/16/20143:00 PMKettering Ice ArenaJunior VarsityDayton Stealth JVNewark Generals JV  
2158Thu, 11/20/20146:30 PMLou & Gib Ice ArenaJunior VarsityNewark Generals JVHilliard Wildcats JV  
2357Thu, 11/20/20148:00 PMLou & Gib Ice ArenaVarsityNewark GeneralsPHA Prowlers  
2358Fri, 11/21/20146:10 PMChiller NorthVarsityWesterville WarcatsNewark Generals  
2159Fri, 11/21/20146:40 PMChiller Ice WorksJunior VarsityNortheast Storm JVDayton Stealth JV  
2160Sat, 11/22/20143:40 PMChiller SpringfieldJunior VarsityDayton Stealth JVWesterville Warcats JV  
2359Sat, 11/22/20146:30 PMChiller Ice WorksVarsityWesterville WarcatsAthens Bobcats  
2161Sat, 11/22/20147:30 PMChiller DublinJunior VarsityNortheast Storm JVPHA Prowlers JV  
2360Sun, 11/23/20143:40 PMChiller SpringfieldVarsityHilliard WildcatsNortheast Storm  
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